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As an author, you write your piece with no barriers. Yet the dilemma of publishing is a hurdle to your dreams of publishing your own book. With Book Vine Press, we don’t want to be a hurdle to that dream. In fact, we want to pave the way to your success. We will help you write your own success in a cost-effective way, in earning the 100% royalty and the most affordable printing cost to produce your book.



Through our affordable publishing packages, you can add more to your book stocks. The more books you have, the more you can market them to your target readers. You don’t have to wait long to get your additional book copies.

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In terms of Self-publishing, we authors sometimes have a hard time understanding what’s going on into it. We tend to just let the publishers decide what they want without our full knowledge.



One crucial step in reaching your book’s publishing mission is to market it to your readers. Marketing can be hard especially if you are an independent author.


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As a company created by an author for authors, we have seen the dilemma of most authors. It starts by publishing a book up to marketing, costing them thousands of their hard- earned money.


Featured Books

Blind Mercy

Blind Mercy is a story about today as told by those living in the year 2160, by the Watchman of the village to their children. He has the children for a time each month to tell them stories of the past, teaching them history as well as scriptural principles.

This story is about a man who lived in our time, circa. 1949-20–. It details his life from birth to salvation at age 38. It demonstrates how the evil one, Lucifer, uses spirits to hinder and influence people.

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The Message Glorious

What’s the matter, Mom, aren’t His promises good enough for you?” Doris Kemp was asked this question by her terminally ill 12-year-old son, David, as she was attempting to reassure him of God’s love and faithfulness.

You will see in The Message Glorious, Doris Kemp and her family witness God’s faithfulness in all circumstances; be them heartbreaking, hilarious or both. With The Message Glorious, Doris answers David’s question with a resounding, “Yes!

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The Kidnapping of Megan Isaacs

Scott Wilson, FBI, shows up in Suddenly, Montana, piloting a stealth-like helicopter named Delilah. Using a fictitious name, he rents an apartment from a female forest ranger, Julie Drum, who he is immediately attracted to, and her to him. She is a widow with two sons and afraid to become involved with a man having an unknown future.

The little town of 1,800 souls in the Bitterroot Mountains is policed by a severely overweight sheriff and one deputy who are not prepared to confront kidnappers, and request assistance. A second agent, a female, joins Scott to help protect Megan Isaacs, a pretty sixteen-year-old.

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A New Beginning

Broke and penniless in England after paying the debt of their deceased father, Anne Spencer and her siblings are forced to live in the slums of London. But Anne is determined to recover everything that she and her family lost. They move to Boston with a renewed sense of optimism.

Anne has heard a lot about the colony in the Americas and the abundance of opportunities. She works her way up, only to be trotted to the dirt by a nasty rumor peddled by an English officer that she is a girl of loose morals. She has nowhere to go until she meets Theo, a kindhearted man who vows to give her everything and more.

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"I had the privilege of working with Matt Franco on my first book Brim's Justice. He worked very closely with me to get the cover, layout and back cover just right and on time. He is great to work with and makes sure details and deadlines are met with expert
professionalism.Thank you Matt."

E. Jerry Davies


"I’ve worked with Matt for more than a year now. Our first republication project was a success; he made an excellent job on both cover and interior design. He’s always there to answer my calls and assist me in every stage. The best thing that happened was my book sales, after they lowered the price to $5.99; I made more than 500 copies in 4 months’ time. Truly price and quality go hand in hand." "I am now working on my second book with Matt, and I will entrust it and any future book projects to him. Keep up the good work Matt !!"

Fred Green

Author of the book, KISS (keep it so simple) FINANCES

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Book vine press

A Chicago based hybrid publishing Company, Book Vine Press was created by an author for authors. With 18 years of publishing and marketing experience, we provide authors the most affordable and competitive book publishing related services with 100% continuous support.

Mission & Vision

To provide authors the most cost effective and quality service. We’re here to correct the major mistakes that most self- publishing companies have done, i.e. high retail pricing and printing cost, poor editing and erroneous marketing approaches, which are main reasons why a book is not in the hands of most readers.

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