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As an author, you write your piece with no barriers. Yet the dilemma of publishing is a hurdle to your dreams of publishing your own book. With Book Vine Press, we don’t want to be a hurdle to that dream. In fact, we want to pave the way to your success. We will help you write your own success in a cost-effective way, in earning the 100% royalty and the most affordable printing cost to produce your book.


Through our affordable publishing packages, you can add more to your book stocks. The more books you have, the more you can market them to your target readers. You don’t have to wait long to get your additional book copies.

Our Services


In terms of Self-publishing, we authors sometimes have a hard time understanding what’s going on into it. We tend to just let the publishers decide what they want without our full knowledge.



One crucial step in reaching your book’s publishing mission is to market it to your readers. Marketing can be hard especially if you are an independent author.


Add-on Services

As a company created by an author for authors, we have seen the dilemma of most authors. It starts by publishing a book up to marketing, costing them thousands of their hard- earned money.


Featured Author

Featured Books

Backpacking with Jesus: "Its not Always about the Hike, But more about the Journey" The Journey Continues

Backpacking with Jesus is the real-life story of one man’s thru-hike on the over 2,000 miles Appalachian Trail. Beginning at Springer Mountain in Georgia, the pathway weaves and winds through 14 states to the majestic top of Mount Katahdin in Maine.

The author provides a vivid account of the daily challenges faced in living outdoors for nearly five months. It is a journey of self-discovery and of sharing a very real and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Much of the story is from the actual journal written during the hike on the AT and the reader will experience a true sense of the rigors encountered during an end-to-end thru-hike.

The Anti-Aging Secrets of Yoga: 12 Simple Steps to Improve Your Health and Wellness

I created Fit-Twist: a health referral service because I realized that being healthy is not just about how you look on the outside but how you feel on the inside. I am a yoga teacher and health coach who partners with other businesses and groups to bring health and wellness to you online and in person through health events.

My mission is to empower women to be healthy inside-out. Stress is the leading cause of illness and the reason for two-thirds of the total visits to the doctors. Most women are overworked and need a healthy way to reduce stress.

The Bitterroot Fire

The hot dry summer has been progressing in the Bitterroots with little relief in sight. Sheriff Scott Wilson, former FBI agent, is faced with a murder to solve and keeping an eye on the Forest Fire Brigade. The ten prisoners from neighboring state penitentiaries possess a slight amount of training with timber fires but no actual experience. The crew is in the vicinity of Suddenly, Montana, to prepare rudimentary forest roads to allow access by firefighting equipment. When a woman joins the crew, the character of the group quickly changes.

David Drum, high school senior, and son of the sheriff, is confronted with his own problems, two beautiful young women, twisting his heart in different ways, and assisting his friend, Dexter Young, to make a home from an old barn.

A Professor's Affair

Dr. Ned Curtis, a young professor of geology at Ocean Vista University in Southern California, is trying to cope with a problem.

Two beautiful young women, one of which is his student, are attracted to him and he is interested in both of them. However, both women are married, which creates a major hurdle.

One woman is a friend from long ago, and the other is a recent acquaintance. He knows his limitations; he can only have a relationship with one woman at a time or face disaster. What is he to do?

A License to Heal: Recollections of an ER Doctor

Steven Bentley, M.D. is a board certified ER doctor with a career spanning more than thirty years in various North Carolina emergency departments.

His journey began in the mid-1970’s when he chose to pursue a career in medicine. In his youthful perspective he came to regard doctors as the good guys, the ones who healed people and saved lives.

He knew that he would be one of those good guys one day.

Of Doggerel and the Dean (A Phil & Paula Oxnard Mystery)

Thievery, poetic clues, and murder on a college campus combine to provide a new challenge for P.I. Phil Oxnard as he builds his own detective agency.

McCollum's Run (Phil & Paula Oxnard Mysteries)

Murder and mayhem turn P.I. Oxnard’s Sierra vacation into a virtual busman’s holiday.

Meet the cast of mountain characters who help and hinder Oxnard’s murder investigation.

The Last Book of Cicero

Based on actual events, The Last Book of Cicero is the story of Richard Sutherland, Chief Executive of Power Control Systems, a hugely successful electrical equipment company with prestigious government and private sector contracts. Sutherland is a self-made man of integrity who regularly quotes philosophers, uses Shakespeare as a metaphor for business, and lives by the ideals of The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. Yet all of his belief in fair play and the higher principles of life cannot prevent him from becoming embroiled in a battle against corruption and greed. Astute businessman that he is, Sutherland notices a minor accounting discrepancy in the company’s books. He begins to suspect that someone is attempting to embezzle funds. Despite his best efforts, the company begins to lose lucrative contracts, is unable to pay suppliers, and racks up high bills by hiring new accountants and lawyers. To compound these problems, Sutherland is sued by his business partner and forced into bankruptcy despite serious doubts about the legitimacy of the company’s defaulted loans. As a succession of lawyers and accountants mysteriously drop him as a client, Sutherland suspects that his troubles are not merely a question of one crooked employee or even gross negligence. Is the bank using his employees to influence his behavior? Is Power Control Systems the target of a takeover, or an even larger conspiracy? Could Sutherland’s life be in danger because he knows too much? Most people would give up searching for the truth when faced with increasing debt, loss of one’s business, and having to take menial jobs, but Sutherland’s strength and character do not allow him to give up the path of the righteous. More than anything else, Sutherland becomes certain of one thing… that the judicial system is a legitimate place to commit mayhem and a safe haven for fraud!

Cartas A Mi Amante Un Rayo Azul

Giorgio Germont es un novelista Estadounidense de 46 años de edad. Giorgio es aficionado al alpinismo y al futbol soccer. Es hombre de familia, tiene tres hijos que son su adoración y es casado. El novelista ha publicado varios libros en Inglés y en Español. Sus temas preferidos son el romance y la importancia incalculable de amar y ser amado.

Le apasiona la historia, disfruta mucho el viajar a sitios exóticos. Se interesa en temas profundos que realmente toquen las cuerdas mas sensibles del corazón. Rayo Azul es su quinta novela.

The Power of Your Voice

Kuda Mgweni Dewah was born and educated in Njanja, Chivhu, Zimbabwe. She moved to the United Kingdom and studied a professional degree in Psychiatric Nursing. She has worked in secure units, prisons and rehabilitation centres for drug and alcohol recovery services. She has also worked in specialist areas including CAMHS.

She possesses exceptional CBT skills and uses motivational interviewing in most settings.

She was trained and mentored in Orlando USA, by the John Maxwell team, to become a Certified Teacher, Keynote Speaker, Leadership Trainer and Coach. Kuda is a passionate author, keen on growing and multiplying leaders in every sphere of life. She believes that all leaders are born, but a few takes time to develop themselves into best leaders! Kuda enjoys and loves multiplying leaders through inspiration.

She is a mother of two and wife to Pastor Joseph S. Dewah and co-pastors a church alongside her husband. She also leads the women’s department as part of the Apostolic Faith Mission International Ministries.

Trashing the Bible: Can America Survive without the Foundation of God's Word?

American values are changing at an alarming rate, affecting everything from education, business, medicine, politics and, perhaps most importantly, the way we raise our children. Many are left wondering about the direction in which we are headed. Are we willing to return to the truth that once guided so many Americans and informed the way we lived?

Thousands of years ago, the psalmist asked, “How long, O Lord?” We can ask that same question in the midst of our changing moral landscape. How long will God put up with a nation that rejects His word? How long will it be until He removes His hand of blessing from our great country?

Leo Rising

Leo Rising is tale of epic proportions that ties together two lives separated by 13,000 years of change, yet mysteriously bound by destiny and birthright. Kala, high priestess to Inanna the goddess of love and fertility, is a daughter of the Anakim, and descended from the Anunnaki, the gods themselves. As the grand cycle passes from the age of Virgo to the Age of Leo, what has been foretold and feared has now come to be. Kala must defend the ancient mother religion and her homeland at all costs, and prevent the bringers of a new violent religion from usurping her people’s culture and freedom. The new religion of the fire-mountain god would bring war and destruction, along with slavery and misogyny in its wake. Thousands of years later, Cassie Bartoli an astronomer at Goldstone Observatory, uncovers a secret that if allowed to go public, would upset the balance of power, bringing about the end of the present religious and political system. Simultaneously, in southern Iraq, archaeologist Steve Vance unearths an ancient marvel as well as the fabled city of Ellu-Ezinu. He can now prove the Nephelim, the Sons of God written of in Genesis, were not merely a fabled race of giants. Steve also unearths powerful artifacts, but only Cassie is the key to their usage. Together, Cassie and Steve must reveal the unlikely truth to the world before their separate discoveries are forever suppressed from the planet by those who fear the loss of their power.

Seven Letters Detailing the Prophetic Framework of the Return of Christ

First and foremost, this book is an experience and inspirational writing which the author shares revealing a Faith and a Hope for the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It reflects an intensive study in biblical prophecy and a layman’s look at the worlds current state. It is comprised of Seven Letters, which details the phenomenon of Israel’s restoration after almost 2,000 years of nonexistence.

The question for the Church is why it is back and what the wisdom of it from a biblical perspective is. We as Christians, too easily cast this Israel aside failing to take in the new wine that God is pouring out of His Spirit. As a result, the book concentrates itself on the error of this oversight in these modern times. An error that will bring the victorious Lord to be the redemptive Messiah at last for Israel . . . His chosen nation. After the Church is taken up in the rapture for those who do believe. Remember there is a church that Jesus says, “I never knew you” and is left behind to prove their faith and allegiance to Him and Him only. It is all in the scriptures and the book is dedicated to bringing these ancient words from the past to show the power of God in declaring the future to his glory!

Reaching for a Star

Rebecca is a Christian, leading a busy life on the East Coast. She is in the process of changing careers. She is happily single. Until, that is, her path crosses that of her favorite movie star.

Greg is a rising star on the West coast. He is busy making movies and living his dream. He doesn’t have time for God. He is enjoying the perks of fame and money. Something is missing, but he doesn’t know what.

As if by chance, the two meet and strive to build a friendship. Will they be able to beat the odds? Will they be able to stay together when the worst tragedy threatens to push them apart? Only God can touch their hearts and provide the answers.

I Still Believe: A mother's story about her son and the mental illness that changed him, his subsequent suicide and what Christian faith means in the light of it all.

I Still Believe- mental illness and suicide in light of the Christian Faith. This book is a mother’s search to make meaning out of her son’s suicide and find a way back to a faith that no longer made sense. As survivors feel their way through the dark maze of emotions, they need the support of others who have walked the path before them. This story can help to shine a light, for hope and faith to germinate in the soil of grieving hearts.Woodland, Desiree. (Book Vine Press 2022)

Is That Your Aunt in the Attic?: Another Edna and Edith Adventure

From the author of “Is That Your Mother-In-Law under the Bed?” and “Is That Your Cousin in the Closet?” and “Is That Your Neighbor in the Basement?” comes the fourth book in the series featuring Edna and Edith as mischievous senior citizen sleuths. This book was coauthored by Barbara Oliver Fletcher and her daughter Cheryl Nicoll Gauthier.

Luis Gdulinski, an escaped convicted killer wants Edna and Edith dead! The sisters have already witnessed what Gdulinki’s hit men are capable of, so they’ve decided to get the hell out of Dodge and head for San Francisco to visit Edith’s daughter, Elaine. During their stay, they stumble on some suspicious activity a few doors down from Elaine’s house. This prompts the sisters to leap into action and, in some cases, leap behind boxes or bushes as they try to uncover the nocturnal activity.

After returning home, Edna and Edith are immediately hired to investigate Trent Holcomb’s soon-to-be fiancée, Lydia Sizemore. Undercover work on the high seas takes an unexpected turn as the sisters use their dubious detective skills to learn more about the shifty men in the cabin next door as well as Lydia and the secret she’s concealing.

As they navigate through their adventures, the sisters continue to fi nd themselves in precarious and hilarious situations while struggling to avoid Gdulinski’s assassins, who are trying to collect the massive bounty on their heads.

The Nickson View II: The Answer to the Horowitz-10

The topic of Reparations will be discussed as a subtext or main topic in America for as long as the Republic lasts. My book is not the fi rst on this subject nor will it be the last. But I can assure you that not many will match its comprehensiveness.

It discusses a continuum from ancient Hebrew Law, Roman Law, the 911 terrorist attack, the Mid-East Conflict, a new chapter on the J6 Sedition, and how those events reflect on the Reparations Debate. For example, the American Fugitive Slave Laws were illegal as against Hebrew Law, Roman Law and International Law. A slave was worth double the hired servant. The Egyptians paid Reparations to the Hebrews after they were set free. The Pope apologized for slavery nearly 40 years ago. The Bible indicates the Reparations Clock has not run out.

I believe my book, The Nickson View II, the Original Blue Book on Reparations, will be the Platinum Standard in this debate.

Overpowered: A Story of Faith and Mental Illness

Anything but dull, OVERPOWERED describes the lives of two authentic Christians who fi nd themselves in the middle of tragic situations that only God can get them out of. Eventually, God brings each one to the same city on the same day, and their paths intersect. They fall in love and get married. Daunting challenges continue in this true story of God’s providential care which is beyond the author’s wildest imagination.

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.”-Psalm 32:8, NIV Bible.

“Thank you for your sharing from your heart. Thank you for your transparency and not ‘sugarcoating’ the very difficult, painful, distressing, terrible situations you have experienced. Your testimony of God’s healing and empowering is inspirational.”

A reader of WHAT PRICE PRIESTHOOD book written by the author comments:

“I want to thank you for giving me an outline of Father Beckman’s life. I knew him. He was my swimming coach. He certainly impacted my life. It was an unexpected gift when I found this book and now know about the rest of his life.” Messages

I pray in Jesus’ name that truth about mental illness will prevail. I pray for all who suffer from mental illness that they will experience relief from distress, enriched coping abilities, and soothing comfort. Lord, please help them to know that they are in the Palm of God’s Almighty Hand where darkness will not overtake them. Help them to hold onto God’s promise that He will never leave nor forsake those who trust in Him. I pray for loved ones of those suffering from mental illness, for wisdom and strength that gives them ability to help in a productive way, knowing that only God is Savior, Protector, and Redeemer in situations that are too big for us. I pray that politicians will step forward in courage with constructive measures that improve life for these very vulnerable citizens.

Z Goes Camping: The Adventures of Z

Z, Brad and their family go camping. Z and Brad go to put up their tent. They have the tent and instructions on how to put up the tent. What can go wrong? Brad reads the instruction and Z puts the tent together. But Brad reads the wrong instructions.

Oedipus from Miami Beach Book 2

My journal dogs me. But I feel a responsibility to keep Making entries so I can one day demonstrate in detail how significant attitudinal and behavioral change come.

Gradually in my psychoanalysis I was able to experience the complexity of my emotional logic – a combination of conventional causality, messy feelings, intuitions, role of luck, chance, serendipity, and synchronicity.

The psychoanalytic process: The analyst and the patient strive to identify the ‘just right key’ to open the specific lock of each new session.

Oedipus from Miami Beach Book 1

The main theme of my journal is a search for my ‘spiritual’ Father as a bridge to connecting me with my true self while negotiating the many formidable obstacles put in its way.

This journal was begun as a desperate attempt to create order out of the chaos of my confused thoughts and feelings.

My lifelong preoccupation has been to understand the nature of ‘spirituality’ of the man who cannot believe in the picture of the conventional ideas of God while at the same time lacks a clear sense of himself.

A Touch of Earth

Chareece, the daughter of Eric, crosses over to her father’s world as ShadowDancer, unaware of the consequences of her passing.

~ Shadow Dancer felt honored, “Quickly to your sister now. Tell her they need not carry a burden as they travel. The land will yield her bounty for them.” She said warmly, not fully realizing what she just gifted to her followers.

Savage Continent

They lived in a harsh land where any mistake could get you killed. They had to be harder than the land around them to survive. Among these cat people rose one who put on every bit of the rules and code of her people but had a heart to seek the wisdom to make thing better. Lyamy endured required punishment, was strong willed accepting the rules that were laid upon her, but then also found herself called upon by an Ancient, one of the deities of the world that were told about in stories. Th is myth that came to life is now helping ensure a future for her people, but there is still a lot she must overcome herself in the unforgiving jungle land. She found herself with a task of making a future for her people and others, dividing her eff orts and even herself in different directions, giving us a glimpse of the diverse and dangerous land. Even the meeting of outlanders seems to come with new dangers.

A Journey

She brought order out of chaos on the Savage Continent, not ShadowDancer has set Lyamy on a journey out into the rest of the world. Her den will take care of her cubs, but she will miss them if she has to leave them. Can she really be in two places at once? She is a stranger to the ways of the rest of the world and their politics, but she grew up in the middle of untamed politics of her own that might help deal with what is out there. There is death and selfishness, out there waiting and she will have to face it all. The ancients are there for her, and she is there for the world ready and willing to sacrifice what is needed to do the good that is her inward drive.

A Time for Change

Eric, His Wife Bonny, and their friend Jaffro had crossed into another world, Ethar, and while Jaffro has so far made no effort to return, Eric and Bonny lived in both worlds. Granted god-like powers they discovered but did not explore their ability to use them back on earth, but to them as serious responsibility in the World of Ethar. The elven princess now a queen had a daughter, Chareece, fathered by Eric, a secret well-guarded. Her power was awakening as was a dark power and events that would lead to war and changes across the world. Members of all races aligning or independent, shaping the things to come. Those who previously had great power in the world as deities were bound to not act directly in the affairs of the sentient life, but the new rising powers were not subject to this ban. With many races and magic abounding, with new deities, the world of Ethar is passing through another time of change.

Simply Put!: Help Support World Federation of Mental Health

This poetry intends to be inspirational and thought provoking for the reader. The author wanted to share personal thoughts, experiences, feelings, and observations simply put into poetry. Proceeds to the World Federation of Mental Health.

Of Roses and Gerberas: Every Girl is a flower, know yours today!

Of Roses and Gerberas enchants and enlightens us with a story of a male celebrity actor (Trent Emanuel), who falls in love with a blind commoner (Beverly Abner), when he visits her flower shop for the fi rst time. He orders a bouquet of 99 red roses for his celebrity female actor girlfriend (Irvette Ryland) as her Birthday present. After his fi rst visit, he tends to go there more frequently and he finds Beverly being different from the other girlfriends of his, both the exes and current one. He buys more roses for his girlfriend and it turns out that it is a reason for him to meet Beverly. He personally thinks that all girls like roses, so he orders a bouquet from her to present to her as a gift. Little does she know that and when he gives her the roses that she has just arranged for him, she looks surprised and surprisingly, she rejects it by reasoning that she does not like roses. He finally does get to know why all of his past and present relationships do not last long as he turns out to be the one, who does not understand women’s hearts and minds completely.


"Writers are a strange breed. Because they have a story to tell, their brains are pre-occupied with visions, words, emotions, and characters. Whether they travel the mental path of reality or fiction, their minds are consumed with the journey—and rightfully so. However, creativity comes with a price and can be expensive—time and money. Book Vine Press can hold these dreaded bandits at bay.

Let me tell you of my experience with this unique company. My name is Veronica Lawson. I have authored "A Dark Feather Novel" series of fictional books. Two of them, "SKINWALKER! Summer of Stolen Souls" and "SKINWALKER! Cradle of the Waterbabies" are the first two editions. I am currently working on the third, entitled "SKINWALKER! In the Shadow of Bones."

Honestly, the relief in being able to tell you that I am actually writing the third novel is indescribable. The relationships with past publishers were nightmares, not so with Book Vine Press. I wasted more time and money than I like to admit and was considering not writing any more. The previous companies were not only greedy, but confusing to work with.

My relationship with Book Vine Press has been a breath of fresh air. Jay Williams, Senior Consultant, has been incredible! He and his team have proven to know what they are doing. Here is the key—I worked solely through Jay. I have not had to communicate with hordes of representatives, and end up more confused afterward. Jay not only knows his business, but he is kind, thoughtful, humorous, and eager to help. Patience is probably his best attribute, which, admittedly, is sorely needed with this writer. His team is excellent, as proven by the products they produced for me. Never, ever has there been a hard sell tactic either directly or indirectly. When Jay and I communicate, it is an honest consultant to writer conversation.

I strongly recommend that if you are a published author or if you have your first draft manuscript and are searching for a quality publishing company, call Book Vine Press. And get back to what you should be doing—writing."

Veronica Lawson

Author of the book, A Dark Feather Novel

"I am writing regarding the high quality and professional attention I received from Mr. Jay Williams’ in republishing my book, Maasai Man.

The attention to details I requested were handled with the utmost care and timeliness by Mr. Williams. This is the reason for this testimonial that I am proud to submit to Book Vine Press. A friendship has been born!"

Vastine East

Author of the book, Maasai Man

"I want to take this opportunity to thank Mark Hudson for the tremendous job he did in revitalizing my writing efforts. He offered his services to repackage and republish a young reader’s novel of mine while inspiring me to continue my creative writing journey. I can’t thank him enough for his friendly and timely emails and his keen knowledge of the publishing process. With Mark at the helm, this ship sailed smoothly, and without a hitch.

Mark is also surrounded by a team of savvy designers and editors. To them, I am truly grateful. I am very pleased with the book print, binding, and cover design of all three of my books.

I would recommend Mark Hudson to anyone desiring to see their book in print. It’s great to have friend in the publishing business."

Roy A. Hinderer

Author of Nate Connor Book Series

"I have been dealing with BOOK VINE PRESS since August 2021, and they have been very nice and helpful, specially AMANDA WILSON always kept me up to date with all the progress of my husband book THE GAME OF LOVE/LIFE. I'm very appreciative."

Ronald Rocha

Author of the book, The Game of Love/Life

"I just would like to say I'm proud to be able to work with Jay William's and the people at Bookvinepress. It's a real great experience. They take the time to answer any questions or concerns you may have, they help you with your projects. They listen to your feedback they even give you their advice on how to make your project a success. They are fun good people to work with and I glad I had the chance and oppurtunity to work with them. And for that I am truly grateful and I look forward to working with them in the future. And I would like to thank Mr. Williams Bookvinepress for everything they have done for me."

Tramain Fitzgerald

Author of the book, The Tighty Whiteys

"I’ve worked with Matt for more than a year now. Our first republication project was a success; he made an excellent job on both cover and interior design. He’s always there to answer my calls and assist me in every stage. The best thing that happened was my book sales, after they lowered the price to $5.99; I made more than 500 copies in 4 months’ time. Truly price and quality go hand in hand." "I am now working on my second book with Matt, and I will entrust it and any future book projects to him. Keep up the good work Matt !!"

Fred Green

Author of the book, KISS (keep it so simple) FINANCES

"I had the privilege of working with Matt Franco on my first book Brim's Justice. He worked very closely with me to get the cover, layout and back cover just right and on time. He is great to work with and makes sure details and deadlines are met with expert
professionalism.Thank you Matt."

E. Jerry Davies


"Mark--Just want you to know that I've self published three different books over the last ten years. I came close twice to have a publisher take over my books. But close is no good unless you're playing horse shoes! I was sick of the publishing road and decided to retire! When I took my last chance to have a publisher work with me you were the one I talked with. You answered all my questions--you explained everything to me that I wasn't familiar with. I feel that the months ahead are going to be good ones for sure--I'm excited. Without you this wouldn't have happened! You kept in touch with me just about every day--answered every question--and as I said--I'm very happy. I look forward to working with you and the entire organization--because of you! Can't wait to get moving!--Thank you !--Jack Orth--I believe my book--"The Memory Bank" will be a huge success now--so glad I 'm working with you!--Jack"

Jack Orth


About Us


A Chicago based hybrid publishing Company, Book Vine Press was created by an author for authors. With 18 years of publishing and marketing experience, we provide authors the most affordable and competitive book publishing related services with 100% continuous support.


To provide authors the most cost effective and quality service. We’re here to correct the major mistakes that most self- publishing companies have done, i.e. high retail pricing and printing cost, poor editing and erroneous marketing approaches, which are main reasons why a book is not in the hands of most readers.

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