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Our Privacy policies for this website (www.bookvinepress.com) is stated below. The following protection strategies applies only to data gathered on this website. This will inform all the users of the following:

1) Data Collection, Sharing, and Usage.
2) Data Security
3) User’s Information Access
4) Sign-Up and other forms
5) Cookies
6) Request of Data
7) Updates on Privacy Policy


The Data gathered on this website is owned by Book Vine Press. We gathered data thru email, forms and registration given by the users. Our company doesn’t lease or offer the data that we gather to anyone.

We don’t give any data given by the users to any entity outside of our company unless it’s otherwise needed as a necessity to fulfill user’s services, e.g the shipment of the user’s book orders. We inform our users if their data is needed to fulfill and needed necessities associated by them.

By the request of the user, our company may get in touch again in the future by means of email, mail or other means of communication to educate concerns, updates, promotions or changes to the security policy as required by the law.


The data of each of our users are insured with security. Our company takes extra precautionary measures to ensure that the sensitive data that is submitted to this website will be protected both online and offline.

When we gather personal and sensitive information such as (debit/credit card information, contact information, billing information and etc.), those data is transmitted to our company securely. The “https” extension in our web address is the security symbol that the user’s data is handled carefully with utmost safety.

Only specific agent’s in our company handles the sensitive data provided by us by the users. For billing purposes, only the authorized agents from finance and billing are allowed to access to actual data. Our computer serves are kept in a secured area to ensure the safety and security of such sensitive data.


Any user of this website or customer may discontinue and consequent contracts from Book Vine Press whenever they wish. At any time by reaching out to us by any communication means ( e.g: email, telephone, mail etc.) any user can do the following to secure their information:

1) Access the information provided by the user as long as they undergone security verification that they are the ones who provided that information.
2) Edit or modify any provided information.
3) Delete any information provided by the user.
4) Express concerns regarding provided data.
5) Assurance of security of the data.


For out Sign-up form, Authors and clients provide certain information to complete the sign-up stage. Those certain users provide personal information such as names, email address, physical address etc. In other forms such as Contact Us needs the user’s name and contact information as well. The data provided by those forms are needed to ensure services will be offered. Those data gathered by the form are handled with the utmost security.


Our website utilizes “Cookies”. Cookies are small pieces of text sent by any web browser by a website a user visits. A cookie file stored in a user’s web browser and allows the services of a third party site like our website to recognize a user and makes the user next visit easier and provides the services more useful to users.

By visiting our website you allowed us to use cookies to give you useful services.


From time to time we may ask data from our client at our requested time. To purchase from our company, users should give contact data (e.g. name, billing information, etc.) and monetary related data (e.g. credit and debit card number, etc.).

The data is needed for billing and shipment purposes. We will utilize this data to get in touch with our client.


Our Privacy Policy may change or update once in a while to ensure that we abide by the rules and regulations on the data security. All updates will be posted on this particular page.

Any user can also approach or get in touch with us via Phone (Insert phone number), through email (Insert email) or at contact us form for more information.


"Writers are a strange breed. Because they have a story to tell, their brains are pre-occupied with visions, words, emotions, and characters. Whether they travel the mental path of reality or fiction, their minds are consumed with the journey—and rightfully so. However, creativity comes with a price and can be expensive—time and money. Book Vine Press can hold these dreaded bandits at bay.

Let me tell you of my experience with this unique company. My name is Veronica Lawson. I have authored "A Dark Feather Novel" series of fictional books. Two of them, "SKINWALKER! Summer of Stolen Souls" and "SKINWALKER! Cradle of the Waterbabies" are the first two editions. I am currently working on the third, entitled "SKINWALKER! In the Shadow of Bones."

Honestly, the relief in being able to tell you that I am actually writing the third novel is indescribable. The relationships with past publishers were nightmares, not so with Book Vine Press. I wasted more time and money than I like to admit and was considering not writing any more. The previous companies were not only greedy, but confusing to work with.

My relationship with Book Vine Press has been a breath of fresh air. Jay Williams, Senior Consultant, has been incredible! He and his team have proven to know what they are doing. Here is the key—I worked solely through Jay. I have not had to communicate with hordes of representatives, and end up more confused afterward. Jay not only knows his business, but he is kind, thoughtful, humorous, and eager to help. Patience is probably his best attribute, which, admittedly, is sorely needed with this writer. His team is excellent, as proven by the products they produced for me. Never, ever has there been a hard sell tactic either directly or indirectly. When Jay and I communicate, it is an honest consultant to writer conversation.

I strongly recommend that if you are a published author or if you have your first draft manuscript and are searching for a quality publishing company, call Book Vine Press. And get back to what you should be doing—writing."

Veronica Lawson

Author of the book, A Dark Feather Novel

"I am writing regarding the high quality and professional attention I received from Mr. Jay Williams’ in republishing my book, Maasai Man.

The attention to details I requested were handled with the utmost care and timeliness by Mr. Williams. This is the reason for this testimonial that I am proud to submit to Book Vine Press. A friendship has been born!"

Vastine East

Author of the book, Maasai Man

"I want to take this opportunity to thank Mark Hudson for the tremendous job he did in revitalizing my writing efforts. He offered his services to repackage and republish a young reader’s novel of mine while inspiring me to continue my creative writing journey. I can’t thank him enough for his friendly and timely emails and his keen knowledge of the publishing process. With Mark at the helm, this ship sailed smoothly, and without a hitch.

Mark is also surrounded by a team of savvy designers and editors. To them, I am truly grateful. I am very pleased with the book print, binding, and cover design of all three of my books.

I would recommend Mark Hudson to anyone desiring to see their book in print. It’s great to have friend in the publishing business."

Roy A. Hinderer

Author of Nate Connor Book Series

"I have been dealing with BOOK VINE PRESS since August 2021, and they have been very nice and helpful, specially AMANDA WILSON always kept me up to date with all the progress of my husband book THE GAME OF LOVE/LIFE. I'm very appreciative."

Ronald Rocha

Author of the book, The Game of Love/Life

"I just would like to say I'm proud to be able to work with Jay William's and the people at Bookvinepress. It's a real great experience. They take the time to answer any questions or concerns you may have, they help you with your projects. They listen to your feedback they even give you their advice on how to make your project a success. They are fun good people to work with and I glad I had the chance and oppurtunity to work with them. And for that I am truly grateful and I look forward to working with them in the future. And I would like to thank Mr. Williams Bookvinepress for everything they have done for me."

Tramain Fitzgerald

Author of the book, The Tighty Whiteys

"I’ve worked with Matt for more than a year now. Our first republication project was a success; he made an excellent job on both cover and interior design. He’s always there to answer my calls and assist me in every stage. The best thing that happened was my book sales, after they lowered the price to $5.99; I made more than 500 copies in 4 months’ time. Truly price and quality go hand in hand." "I am now working on my second book with Matt, and I will entrust it and any future book projects to him. Keep up the good work Matt !!"

Fred Green

Author of the book, KISS (keep it so simple) FINANCES

"I had the privilege of working with Matt Franco on my first book Brim's Justice. He worked very closely with me to get the cover, layout and back cover just right and on time. He is great to work with and makes sure details and deadlines are met with expert
professionalism.Thank you Matt."

E. Jerry Davies


"Mark--Just want you to know that I've self published three different books over the last ten years. I came close twice to have a publisher take over my books. But close is no good unless you're playing horse shoes! I was sick of the publishing road and decided to retire! When I took my last chance to have a publisher work with me you were the one I talked with. You answered all my questions--you explained everything to me that I wasn't familiar with. I feel that the months ahead are going to be good ones for sure--I'm excited. Without you this wouldn't have happened! You kept in touch with me just about every day--answered every question--and as I said--I'm very happy. I look forward to working with you and the entire organization--because of you! Can't wait to get moving!--Thank you !--Jack Orth--I believe my book--"The Memory Bank" will be a huge success now--so glad I 'm working with you!--Jack"

Jack Orth


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