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When reality set in and I realized that I had really lost – 3 businesses – 2 houses – my last commercial building & about 10 million dollars one of the things I knew I had to do is write a book to help everyone in the world to not make the same mistakes I had.

The book had to help everyone from those who had already made millions to those who had buried themselves in a deep hole of debt. The book had to be easy to read with simple guidelines to follow and implement.

I believe I have achieved that with “KISS FINANCES”. My only hope is that everyone who uses it will be truly blessed. Bought his first company at 32. Built his first light industrial building for his company and to rent at 37 and went into his second business Commercial Real Estate. Started his third company in 1999, Contract Manufacturing for Electronics.

I recommend this book to all adults and people starting out in the work force so they can learn these simple lessons told unambiguously and straightforwardly by someone who had gained the wisdom firsthand from the school of hard knocks.”

—Pacific Book Review

KISS (Keep It So Simple) Finances is author Fred Green’s highly informative book on finances that draws on his years of experience and espouses the merits of keeping things simple. KISS (Keep It So Simple) Finances is a must read!

—New York Times Sunday Book Review

Within the covers of this book, readers will not find gimmicks, get-rich-quick schemes, or other shortcuts that can help them navigate through their financial health, or lack thereof. Instead, Green delivers, again and again, on its promise of simplicity and fundamentals.

—The US Review of Books