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Brim’s Justice

Brim’s Justice has many qualities of a timeless classic. I could easily relate to all the major themes in the book: Brim pursuing a career he is passionate about and excels in, the unchanged dedication required in police work to identify and charge criminals, the effects on a community of notorious criminals who spread terror and violence, and the everyday challenges of balancing a career and building working relationships with coworkers to pursuing a romantic relationship.

Brim’s Justice is a great story that will thrill readers and keep them thinking about Hatchet Boy and Hatchet Man and being thankful that our communities have dedicated police officers committed to keeping us safe and pursuing criminals tirelessly, whatever it takes to get them off the streets and prevent terror from being part of our daily lives.

“I had the privilege of working with Matt Franco on my first book Brim’s Justice. He worked very closely with me to get the cover, layout and back cover just right and on time. He is great to work with and makes sure details and deadlines are met with expert
professionalism.Thank you Matt.”

E. Jerry Davies